Well designed process providing innovative design solutions with awareness of global environmental challenges.

Architectural Design

Architecture and urban design for new buildings and rehabilitation of existing buildings, from conception to realization.
We design a wide array of programs (housing, schools, offices, public and cultural buildings) and scales (from furniture design to developments of 30 000 m²) with a particular focus on density and peoples' well-being, and in dialogue with the public space.

Example projects: Kanaal – VERVOORDT r.e. | COOP [Port-Sud] | River Towers |

Policy Consultancy

Pre-project community consultation and analysis, brief development, strategic thinking and preparatory work.
We combine vision and creativity with pragmatism and feasibility, and see the development of built space not as a solitary act of creativity, but as a collaborative phenomena between society, community, politics, economy and technical expertise within the constraints of the environment.

Example projects: EU Quarter Development Vision | High-Rise Study | Gaasbeek Estate |

Feasibility Studies

Vision development. In our quest for making better cities, we have developed communication and collaboration methodologies in order to engage with public planning, governments and large-scale institutionalized developers.

Example projects: Citi Transferium | Gardarsholm | Kulturhuset |

Land Use & Density

Design of strategic plans, master plans, urban development plans, regional development.
We see the way land is used as the ultimate form of sustainability and claim that the reduction of land-use can substantially decrease public expenses of a society.

Example projects: Sprawl & Densification | Tilburg Railway Workshops | Fiat |