Tilburg Railway Workshops

site Burgemeester Brokxlaan, 5041 Tilburg, NL
client Gemeente Tilburg, Stadhuisplein 130, 5038 Tilburg, NL
team M. Czvek, V. Ionescu, S. Verstraete, T. Willemse
surface 114.950 m² gross
budget confidential
timing proces guidance, vision development 2015
status ongoing



The Spoorzone seeks urban inclusion. It is a breeding ground for innovation and development on the fertile base of the industrial past and intermediate initiatives. It is a place for cultural, social and economical tolerance in constant evolution.

The Spoorzone derives its identity from its innovative and flexible approach in the development process. The incremental transformation starts from the point of view of the different users, in the short and the long term and the small and large scale. Initially, the workplaces were called atelier, following the Belgian tradition. The local dialect of Tilburg eventually turned the word in “d’n atelier”.

D’n Atteljee distinguishes itself by a versatile program that is based on the development and placing in the market of new concepts, products and services. With this it also takes on the responsibilities of urban development: namely a broad social, cultural and economical integration. With respect for the past and intermediate initiatives, the mix of functions and the diversity of building typologies a new balanced and common ground emerges for all new and current partners within the development of the Spoorzone Tilburg.

D’n Atteljee brings people together, it is a pleasant link within the local urban and regional network. Next to an autonomous economical chain, it is at the same time a place for cultural tolerance through encounters and interaction. Different forms of inhabiting, living and working can keep a low threshold, permit diversity and give young families and dynamic professionals a qualitative place within an urban development with light, air and green.

D’n Atteljee is an urban community: a social, cultural and economical ‘urban frame’ that supports social participation, creativity and new forms of entrepreneurship. Working together, intermediate developments and art integration play a crucial role here.