Debate on the profession of architecture (by VAi) 21.10

Leo Van Broeck will participate in the debate organised by VAi (Flemish Architecture Institute), bringing together professional organisations of architects in Belgium (BVA & NAV) and Open Academy (an open platform for developments and challenges of today’s society), to discuss the multidisciplinary approach of the profession of architecture and the positive effects of cross-over collaborations. The central question is:
How to develop a strategy on spatial design in a globalised world, enhancing diverse inputs on the levels of knowledge, culture and vision, while preserving specific identities?

The following people are also involved:
– Aurore Bozaczek (director WBA)
– Christ’l Joris (chairman FIT)
– Herman Jult (on behalf of Open Academy)
– Geert Van der Speeten (De Standaard).

Moderator will be Rob Docter, director of the former Berlage Insitute, Rotterdam, NL.