Tom Boogaerts at Conference on Transformation of parish churches in Flanders

On Monday 4th of December, Projectbureau Herbestemming Kerken holds an inspirational conference day on the transformation process of parish churches in Flanders, open to all stakeholders. ​Tom Boogaerts is invited to present three ​selected cases ​(out of ​the total of ​eight studies​)​​ ​by BOGDAN & VAN BROECK​, professor Thomas Coomans​ ​and​ Rebel Group​. Following ​his lecture, ​the ​two mayors of the municipalities of Ham and Tielt share their reflections on the process and ​the ​collaboration, as well as ​their ​future intentions for the different sites.​

For the full program, please check out the following link.

More info on the transformation of parish churches here.