We design the spatial conditions for collective life in urban and rural communities so that they become great places to be in.

We focus on the quality of people’s lives and the activation of public space, rather than only on buildings, for we believe that social relations are embedded in spatial relations.

We are in for solidarity on a global level, born out of hope for a common future that offers new possibilities for mankind, in order to fulfill its needs and aspirations while improving the condition of the planet.

We see the design of the spatial environment as a co-creation act involving society, communities, politics, economy and technology, rather than as a solitary act of creativity.

We are actively involved in society and in the public debate, and engage with governance. In Romania, Oana Bogdan was active as Secretary of State at the Ministry of Culture in 2016-2017 and now promotes together with the civic platform Romania 100 the power of cultural heritage to create social cohesion. In Belgium, Leo Van Broeck has set a clear agenda as the Government Architect of Flanders (Vlaams Bouwmeester): more quality of life, more space for man AND nature, sustainable development and cultural sustainability.

With our international team we critically reflect on and enrich our vision, continuously learning from its implementation into reality.

Meet the team!

Previous collaborators: interior designer, office manager Heidi Bosteels (BE) | arch. Laura Bown (BE) | eng. arch. Karel Burssens (BE) | stud. arch. Manon Coppens (BE) | stud. arch. Anett Farkas (HU) | arch. Léonard Gallegos (BE) | stud. arch. Léonore Grec (FR) | arch. Olivier Herman (BE) | public relations resp. Tine Holvoet (BE) | arch. Valentin Ionescu (RO) | eng. arch. Michael Lefeber (BE) | arch. Sofie Liesenborghs (BE) | stud. arch. Stefan Nechita (RO) | arch. Zebulon A. Nelessen (USA) | stud. arch. Hannelore Pauwels (BE) | stud. arch. Natalia Petkova (GB) | stud. arch. Joanna Plak (PL) | arch. Stefano Privitera (IT) | arch. Barbara Sandra (BE) | service designer Agata Smok (PL) | arch. Zora Starcevic (RS) | eng.arch. Miguel Steel Lebre (PT) | eng. architect, computational designer Dimitrie A. Stefanescu (RO) | arch. Linde Stellamans (BE) | eng. arch. Philip Stessens (BE) | arch. ass. Steven Stessens (BE) | arch. Aron Sümeghy (HU) | admin. ass. Valérie Talamini (BE) | eng. arch Pieter Thibaut (BE) | arch. Maarten Tierens (BE) | arch. Charlotte Truwant (FR) | arch. Félicien Umbreit (BE) | arch. Miguel Valério (PT) | stud. arch. Nik Vandewyngaerde (BE) | arch. Stephanie Vander Goten (BE) | resp. communication / arch. Tessy Vanmechelen (BE) | eng. arch. Matthias Van Rossen (BE) | arch. Louisa Vermoere (BE) | arch. Simon Verstraete (BE)


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